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Our Promise to you is Honesty, Integrity, and the Commitment to Success

Today’s businesses often experience fluctuating staffing challenges. Demands for additional employees to ensure meeting production schedules, special staff projects, or filling vacancies add another layer of burden to your long list of responsibilities.  Wouldn’t you rather place more emphasis on operations?

When faced with choices, why not let Steno Employment Service, Inc. bring the match to meet your increased staffing needs? We understand how important maintaining a steady work environment is to your business. We can help you eliminate ineffective business methods and improve the quality of production with a well trained staff. The impact will affect your bottom line.

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  • Address: Steno Employment Service, Inc. is located in Southern California. Directions can be found on Google.
  • Tel: (909) 476-1404
  • Fax: (+844) 2212820
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Steno has been providing staffing and PEO services for over 20 years to small and medium businesses.


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Please Visit our documentation page to get started. You can fill out the W- form and fax it to us.